Telling Your Story

Here are some samples of my work.

A Musical Tool Maker: Carter Ruff, Luthier Subterranean Music Works

From his workshop in Bath Maine, luthier Carter Ruff handcrafts custom guitars, mandolins and stringed instruments. His extensive experience repairing vintage instruments has helped him perfect his designs, ensuring his instruments sound great and last a lifetime.

To see Carter's work visit:

Seekers and Sellers: Farm Transitions in Maine

When it's time to sell the farm how do you find a buyer? When you are starting out in farming what are the obstacles that stand in your way? Maine Farm Link, a program of Maine Farmland Trust, helps beginning farmers get started and find farms of their own, while also helping find buyers for farmers looking to sell.

To see a current listings of farm seekers and farm sellers check out Maine Farmlink.